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The Moon My Twin

Dryfork, WV

Deep, heavy, and electrifying, The Moon My Twin is a rock trio whose live shows will leave you howling.

- Nominated for Best Rock Act in West Virginia, 2023

- "The power trio in TMMT put on a stellar show. The energy was off the charts and lead vocalist Emay knows how to hold a crowd in the palm of her hand." #2 of the Top Five Things We Loved about Shinnston Festival, Born and Bred Magazine

- "Full of musical hooks and vocal parts that you will find yourself humming well after the song is over. - Anatomy of a Good Song: Martyr, Born & Bred

- "This show was fantastic! One of the absolute best." - Mya Ross, WTSQ Charleston, WV

Sophia Rehak, Last Year's Model, Ikebe Shakedown


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