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Minneapolis, MN, USA

Twin brothers Dave and Dan West grew up learning how to play music in the dingy basements and clubs of their local punk scene. Quickly becoming fan favorites, they soon found themselves opening for icons like Green Day, NOFX, and The Offspring and eventually touring nationally and overseas.

As their musical tastes evolved, Dave explored projects in post-modern rock and Brit pop, while Dan shifted towards indie rock and shoegaze. Eventually, the two reunited and recruited Robert Caple, an accomplished musician with a love for pedals and shoegaze. Robert’s style of creating lush, layered textures further evolved the songwriting. With the help of Eric Olsen, a producer/engineer working with bands like Brian Setzer, One Republic, and Rocket From the Crypt, their new sound was taking shape. He’s also played matchmaker, introducing them to Margo Pearson.

Margo brings a powerful, sexy voice and an innate sense of melody to the group. Her talent takes their sound to a new level of sophistication and clears the band’s path within the shoegaze genre.

Lumari's music is intense yet atmospheric; visceral yet ethereal. Their songs are full of emotion, telling stories that resonate with listeners on a deep level. They're quickly becoming a popular band in the Minneapolis and shoegaze music scenes, garnering critical acclaim from all corners of the internet world.

Bleach Lab, Fragile Animals, Swim School


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